Jr. Blackbirds
Hockey Team!

About Us

The Midwest Jr. Blackbirds are a hockey club based 35 miles southwest of Chicago. Our Dyer, Indiana location serves as the home base for the team as they compete in the U.S Premier Hockey League (USPHL). Our amenity-rich facility allows us to prioritize player growth and development, in hopes that they maximize their potential and have the opportunity to play at the next level.

The USPHL is the Nation’s largest amateur ice hockey league. Comprised of 170 teams, the league has had hundreds of players go on to play collegiate hockey, and more moving on to other advanced levels of the game. Unlike any other league, the USPHL allows players to advance from the mite level to the junior hockey ranks without ever having to switch organizations. With the primary goal for each player to move on and play at the next level, player development is an unmitigated focal point for hockey clubs in this league. The Jr. Blackbirds compete in the Midwest East Region of the Premier Division, where they will face off against various teams around the midwest.

We are a diverse group of people with a passionate love for hockey and the virtues the sport invariably teaches. We are focused on respect between teammates and opponents, carrying ourselves with grace throughout our local communities. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and confident enough to face the challenges of tomorrow.

What We Offer

  • Team locker room
  • Minimum of 3 on-ice practices per week
  • 4 hrs of off ice workouts per week with a full-time strength and conditioning coach, including core strengthening, shooting, & stickhandling exercises
  • Weekly Yoga and/or boxing instruction
  • 32 regular season games
  • 3 showcases, 12 games (4 games per showcase):
    • October 11 in Chicago
    • December 20 in Chicago
    • January 3 in Boston
  • In house Rapid Shot machine
  • Pro Shop
  • Regular goal-setting and progress reports
  • Free baseline testing
  • Video session breakdowns of practices and games, and all games will be streamed live
  • Hotels and food provided for overnight games
  • Bussing/plane to all away league games and showcase games
  • Sessions with a Sports Enhancement specialist (optional)
  • Nutrition plan (optional)

Player’s Package

The Midwest Blackbirds will provide the
following equipment to each player:

  • Game Jerseys (1 home, 1 away)
  • Practice Jersey
  • Socks (1 home, 1 away)
  • Pant Covers (1)
  • Track Suit (1)
  • Shorts and T-shirt
  • Gloves (1)
  • Access to a Skate Sharpening Machine
  • Hockey Bag (1)
BlackBirds On Ice


  • Parents may subsidize their child’s fees by selling sponsorships
  • The Midwest Blackbirds will provide sponsorship packages and
    assist in coordinating and facilitating sponsorship opportunities
  • 25% of net sponsorship sales will be credited toward a player’s
    fees if so desired


  • Members of the Midwest Blackbirds in need of accommodation in the Dyer area will be billeted with a local family.
  • The team’s staff will carefully pre-select host families to ensure a safe, comfortable environment enabling all out of town players to succeed both on and off the ice.
  • Billet accommodations are available to players for $400 per month which is paid directly to the host family by the player.
Midwest Blackbirds